How we work

At Supply Chain Scotland we have a flexible approach and will work with you however best fits your business needs. This could be any of the following approaches, individually or combined:

  • ‘Light touch’ advice
  • More in depth ‘hands on’ consultancy
  • Fully scoped larger projects
  • Part time/interim support on an ad-hoc or longer term basis
  • Outsourcing some of your supply chain activities to us.

We work at all levels from strategic direction to execution ‘at the coal face.’ Our aim is always to take a pragmatic approach that fits your business, and deliver practical solutions to improve your business performance and results.

We understand that in every modern business, people are busy and juggling priorities. Committing time to improvement activity is an investment, repaid by time saved in the future – but regardless of that, we appreciate it is not always easy to step away from urgent day to day activities. We will minimise the amount of contact time necessary to deliver results. And importantly, we are happy to get involved in doing the work necessary to deliver a project with you, rather than just providing advice and leaving it all up to you and your team to do the work.

We are committed to working with clients in a transparent and straightforward fashion. Before commencing any work we will provide a scoping document to make clear our commitments and throughout larger projects we will regularly review progress with you.

You can find a list of some of the clients we’ve worked with here.

We’d love to talk about how we can work together with you. Please get in touch!

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