How’s Your Supply Chain?

Wouldn’t you like your business life to be simpler and more profitable? 

Supply chain activities underpin the operation of every manufacturing business and are crucial to its success. They typically involve cross-functional processes and can grow to be complicated and problematic, adding cost, friction and stress and disrupting customer service. Often businesses are very focused on their product and how it is made, without giving adequate consideration to supply chain questions such as these:

  • How can you balance supply and demand? How do you decide what quantity and when to make or buy? Are you making to order or to stock? How much stock should you hold?
  • How do you manage raw materials and packaging and ensure they are ordered and available on time? Are your suppliers reliable? Are you getting a good deal?
  • Is your order process efficient and meeting your customers’ needs?
  • Are your storage and distribution cost effective and providing a high level of delivery performance?

These are all common supply chain challenges, and they can cause significant additional cost and stress to your business. They apply to start ups, through the growth phase where they can be particularly acute, but tend also to persist in established businesses.

At Supply Chain Scotland we are experienced in dealing with these issues, along with broader supply chain projects. If you are facing any of these challenges, we’d love to help solve your problems and make your life simpler and your business more profitable.

Supply Chain Scotland